Monday, August 1, 2016

1st Biopsy - October 15, 2015

     One week later we're back at the diagnostic center for a biopsy. The tech explains to us that the head doctor will be performing the procedure. The area will be given a local anesthetic so I won’t feel anything but a pinch and hear a loud click from the tool that will remove the piece of tissue. She gives me a bunch of paperwork to read and sign. One paper states there will be a metallic clip placed inside of me to work as a marker so doctors will know where the tissue was taken from.. I was terrified! Are they sure I wont feel anything? Hmmm…

     She asks my husband if he will be okay watching the procedure and tells us a hilarious story about a recent patient who's spouse passed out and they had to take care of him while the doctor had to continue with the procedure. Phil assures her he won't pass out. The doctor walks in, looks at Phil and tells him to sit in a chair and also asks him if he will be ok watching…Now I’m wondering what the hell are they planning to do to me that they are so worried about him!

     I laid on the table on my right side, left arm up, they used a sonogram to locate the area while I stared at a spot on the white ceiling. When they injected the anesthetic I just shut my eyes. We had to wait a few minutes for the anesthesia to do its job and then the procedure began. I shut my eyes and the doctor tells me I will hear a loud click, done, one piece cut, another click, second piece. He explains they will insert the metallic clip and it will be over. Didn't feel a thing… and the husband didn't pass out! Next I had to have another mammo done to make sure the metallic clip was in the correct position. It was in position and looked like a tiny silver dot in the pictures. How long before I get the results?? I asked. "We’ll call you by Monday." (It's Thursday)…Wine anyone?

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