Monday, August 1, 2016

Tests and More Tests - October 9, 2015

     A week later we’re at the diagnostic center. It’s time for my first mammogram. Between what I’ve heard from other women and my own research I pretty much knew what to expect. Hold on here, turn here, arm up, arm to the side...and of course the squeeeezzze! It really wasn't too bad though, I thought it would hurt more. It’s over so I put my gown back on and the tech picks up the phone to call someone,  I struggle to hear (blah blah blah CLUSTERS blah blah) WHAT?! What does that mean?? “Um excuse miss did you find something?” “I’m sorry the Doctor has to go over the results with you.” (sigh)

     I’m back in the waiting area with my husband waiting to for an ultrasound next. 
“Babe, I overheard her call someone and say there are clusters”, “ what does that mean?", “I don't know I read online that sometimes that could be cancer related.”  Right about now I’m freaking out and we start googling. (You know, doing exactly what I tell MY patients NOT to do! No Google!) 

     Now I get called in for an ultrasound. The tech was so sweet and kept talking to me trying to make me feel more comfortable. We are chatting and laughing and then there was an abrupt silence. Do you see something? “The doctor will go over everything with you in a few minutes….” Yeah, yeah (eyeroll). 

     Back to the husband, “Babe, she was talking then became silent, I know she saw something.” My positive husband tells me I don't know that, it's probably nothing.

     After sitting in the waiting room for a week, ok maybe it was 10 minutes, we finally get called in. “We did find a suspicious mass.” WHAT?! “What does that mean?”,  “It’s a suspicious mass” (really dude?) “We need to schedule you for a biopsy to determine if its malignant”… (sigh)…Went home and drank some wine.


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