Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Oncology Team - The Surgeon

October 21, 2015  

     My primary referred us to a breast surgeon and got us an appointment the following day. We googled and researched this doctor for hours hoping she would be the best doctor for us. She was in a tiny medical building 2 blocks from our house. We walked inside and I was transported into another place. It was colorful and bright. It was set up as a home, furniture was so cute with different types of chairs set up to be inviting and not like a waiting room. Along with all the artwork and pictures representing strength were all of her awards and accolades. There were tons. My husband and I were very impressed. The staff was warm and greeted us with smiles. After a short wait we finally met with Dr Shapiro and we instantly felt a connection. She explained how sorry she was about my diagnosis, examined me and began explaining her recommendations. She took her time answering all our questions and we walked out feeling like we got this!

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