Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Oncology Team - The Oncologist

October 22, 2015

The following day we had an appointment with an oncologist. As we do, we googled and researched him all day and all night. We read nothing but positive reviews about this doctor and couldn't believe he was at the cancer center a few blocks away. He has been in his field for many years and very well respected.

I still say it was meant for us to live where we do, I passed this center everyday not knowing one day I would be a patient there.

We walk in and were greeted with smiles. The staff was very friendly and made us feel comfortable. After a short wait we are called in and we patiently wait for the doctor to enter the room. He walks in with a friendly smile introduces himself and shakes our hands. He examines me and then tells us to meet him in his office. He explains my diagnosis, his recommendations, and how good my prognosis was. He took his time and explained everything so we could fully understand. We felt comfortable asking him questions and he happily answered every question completely and honestly. I felt like we were there for hours. We said our goodbyes and when we get outside I ask the husband what he thinks of him. He felt he was knowledgeable, well respected, patient and compassionate. I agreed. We made our decision that this would be our Oncology team.

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